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Abundant Spring 3

Nothing brightens a rainy day like flowers and flower arrangements! Small or large, pots of posies, and blossoms in beds make you smile, and soothe the soul. Here are a few more from my “floral friends.”

Pam S., another gardener extraordinaire, has sent two pictures of her narcissus borders, one is a close up, and the other, the actual long shot. Aren’t they a breath of Spring!
Linda MG writes, “
I keep these three small vases on the windowsill in my kitchen all year, and fill them with seasonal flowers/greens. Makes me happy to look at them when I’m doing my kitchen duties!”
Pam S. has another wonderful floral image. As she says, “This  brave daffodil could serve as a symbol for us.  We too will survive this Coronavirus !”

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